About Us


Yamabahari is a feelgood company with summer and winter roots.

Conceived after trips to Zanzibar and Iceland, it is a brainchild of Silvia and Konstantin and their two wonderful kids Polina and Yavor. The initial idea was to produce lightweight linen beach towels (Zanzibar-inspired obviously) and cosy wool blankets (this came after a chilly, but memorable winter visit to Reykjavik).

Zanzibar beaches, overlooking the Indian Ocean, were a great place for bringing back to mind memories of analogue books, romance and intrigue. Iceland, a place to experience a stunning nature and the beauty of the rugged landscape.

While wanderlusting around the world during our summer and winter vacations we fell in love with many places, but most of all - with these amazing and distant seasons.

What we love most is that it is always summer or winter somewhere in the world. And we saw an opportunity to move in both directions and challenge the concept of the classics summer or winter-only brands.

With a keen focus on detail and beautiful things in life, classic approach to design, fabrics and functuonality, we’ve decided the best name for our company would capture the spirit of both high altitude escapes and the life beside the sea.

With the world as our dream market and taking inspirations from many cultures, we've called our company yamabahari

Yama (やま) means “mountain” in Japanese and bahari is “sea” in swahili.
yamabahari is mountain + sea. 

yamabahari is a family company which started as a group of four - we are 38, 38, 14 and 2 year olds. And yamabahari is still young, born in January 2015. Nevertheless, from an early age, yamabahari developed an interest in all out-of-office pursuits and fresh opportunities. 

We are motivated to produce cosy products with timeless aesthetics. We travel as much as we can and look for inspirations. We are curious. We source traditional techniques, partner with contemporary young artists, look for local artisans and various small producers from around the world to make the finest possible products.

But whatever side products we do, like scented candles or specialty coffee, at the core of our range are our beach towels and winter blankets. Alongside, there are all those things about effortless dressing and carefree holidays, all those things that celebrate a world on the move.

We curate our design to talented young illustrators and artists and often choose the design ourselves, inspired by our travel discoveries. Each of our products has its own story to tell and you will read some of them in the Journal section of our website. And because we focus on quality and inspirational ideas, you will find many interviews with people from all around the world in the Talks section of yamabahari.com

Our secret is that we are motivated by chronic wanderlust.

We source our materials from artisans and small companies from Lithuania, Turkey, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Spain, the United States and then some.

It is our main effort to build an ethical business company.

Yamabahari launched its first product officially on April 24, 2015. We believe there is a room for a small family company, focused on elegant and cosy products, aimed at global audience. 

Created for a well-heeled, intelligent, curious and affluent customer, the company will initially sell its products and partners’ products via its website www.yamabahari.com

Born 38 years ago, Konstantin has a journalistic background. He is the Program Director for the biggest Bulgarian private radio station, Darik Radio, a news/talk station. 

He used to work as a correspondent for Transitions Online Prague, BBC Bulgarian section, Monocle magazine, the Institure for War and Peace Reporting and the Bulgarian edition of British Airways in-flight magazine. He was a TV presenter at Nova TV and currently a columnist for Bulgaria’s biggest daily 24 Hours. He is the creator of the award-winning project Innovators (where he interviewed high-profile people like Daniel Libeskind, Richard Quest, Hidetoshi Nakata, Enrique Penalosa, Alistair Campbell, Christo, Magnus Carlsen, Isabel Allende, Jean Nouvel, Daniel Libeskind, Noam Chomsky, Alexander Stubb and many more.

Silvia has a financial background and is design-conscious. yamabahari is the brainchild of her passion and ideas. She is working for the Bulgarian mobile operator Vivacom. Her passions are cosy interiors, fashion, design and all those things in life that make us feel good. 

Her approach to summer and winter is impressive in equal measures and she is responsible for company’s design and production.

Their two kids, Polina and Yavor, are the members of yamabahari focus group. A focus grouр, unlike all others - it actually consists only them. But what a great focus group it is.

It is our intention to create a community for all of you who love well thought products and are looking for intelligent conversations and elegant products with keen focus on quality and detail.


Yamabahari Ltd.
Established in January 2015

Yamabahari Office HQ:
Sofia 1618, Bulgaria
4a, Burzaritsa street, office 5

Write us to: info@yamabahari.com